Our Values

Our Values



To seek first the Kingdom of God, and out of that relationship to honour and respect guests, suppliers, employees and volunteers, believing them all to have equal value in the eyes of God and to the success of the organisation.



Believing that creativity is God-given, to guard and protect the creativeness of the organisation, and to foster within that an atmosphere of innovation and inventiveness, expressed through the day to day running of the organisation and the products and services that are offered.



To live the gospel, and in everything to set an example of doing good by being upright, open and honest in all business dealings and in communications with customers and each other.  To keep to one’s word, honour individuals for who they are and keep promises made.



To foster an atmosphere of hope, irrespective of current political, social, environmental or economic circumstances.  Always and in everything, to facilitate a ‘can do’ culture, looking to the future and aspiring to be the best we can.