At Trelowarren Retreat we believe retreating is a special time, leaving behind the ordinary to discover the extraordinary.

For our part, we will try to make it as seamless as possible for you, providing you with rooms either en-suite or with their own private bathrooms, comfortable beds covered with sweet smelling linen and delicious, locally sourced food prepared to any dietary requirement – so all you have to do is relax and enjoy!

A typical day at the retreat looks something like this, although we remain flexible ensuring the individual needs of our retreaters are met:

The rhythm of daily prayer and worship begins every morning at 10am (this gives you time to sleep late if you wish), followed by morning coffee. From then on if you have not specifically booked prayer ministry or you are not attending a themed retreat, your time is your own to enjoy the scenic walks either inland or along the coast and discover the endless secret coves and sandy beaches. Or maybe you just want to stand and stare; relax in the library, perhaps, and enjoy the ambience of the house and its surroundings.

Evening worship and prayers begin at 4.30pm in the winter, 5.30pm summertime, followed by lively fellowship over an evening meal.

The house is open for retreats 365 days per year. The minimum retreat is 3 days because it takes time to slow down, and beyond that you can stay as long as you want.

We understand that it is not always easy to get away mid week and so due to popular demand we have created retreat weekends. Available most weekends (although please check out dates with us), this mini retreat offers all the same features and benefits of a weekly retreat, just a little shorter. Arriving Friday afternoon/evening and leaving Sunday afternoon, you will be well rested and ready to face the new week feeling re-energized and re-invigorated. Book a retreat weekend by clicking here.

Pick up’s from the local airport or train station can be arranged, along with guided tours of the local area when on retreat.

For further details, please call 01326 221366.

For over forty years, Trelowarren Retreat Mansion House and Chapel has been a place set-aside specifically for Christians to come and seek God, wherein lies a rich deposit of God’s presence, manifesting as a deep, refreshing well. The original Celtic Christians would term Trelowarren Retreat a ‘thin place’, a place where heaven and earth meet.


In May this year (2016) I spent 9 days at Trelowarren Retreat - Christian Resource Centre and Chapel. In a nutshell, not only was it an incredibly refreshing time spiritually and emotionally, but also a time of great fellowship, friendship and fun! (read more...)

I am facing a period of transition in my career and felt like I needed time away to seek God for my future direction and also to have some prayer ministry.  I heard about Trelowarren Retreat through a friend and was inspired to sign up by the incredible setting on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall and the ease of my first telephone conversation with Elaine Clarke (who leads the retreat together with her husband Michael Clarke and helped by other volunteers).

Trelowarren Retreat is in a beautiful setting and it feels like you’re in a house straight off the pages of a Jane Austen novel; with a sweeping staircase, incredible bedrooms, library and drawing room, the walls adorned with amazing artwork from local artists.  There are roaring fires for when it is chilly and the whole place has a real presence of the holy spirit and of incredible peace. I really appreciated the relaxed feel to the retreat – it was a leisurely start to the day with worship at 10am (so no “up at the crack of dawn” thank goodness!)  with a self service breakfast from 8.30am onwards, so no rush to start early!  Worship is in the lovely historic chapel and I really enjoyed Mike’s leading in a simple, but totally anointed style of worship.  There is also evening worship about 5.30ish which completes the rhythm of the day perfectly.

I went on a “transition” themed guided retreat, which was apt for me, and also stayed on for a few days individual retreat when that had ended.  The teaching was really great and there were practical sessions to help put your own life experiences into perspective.  I was really blessed with the private prayer ministry sessions which I had with Elaine and Mike who invested so much time and energy in encouraging me and guiding me through them.  God is really using them to speak into people’s lives honestly and lovingly.  If you are really open to what God has for you, and are willing to let God work in your life, I can guarantee that you will be greatly blessed.  I was!  I have returned with renewed energy and a better sense of where I need to go next in my career and am now just waiting for the right opportunity to come along.

Although I didn’t have my own transport the retreat lay on “pick-ups” from the station or airport – in my case from Redruth station and also ensure that you don’t miss out on visits to the spectacular coastline during your stay there.  So, along with fellow retreaters, I got to visit the Lizard and Kynance Cove, to name just a few.  I am no stranger to Cornwall, but had never been to this particular part and I just loved it!

Oh, and last, but not least, the food is just incredible!  You will be truly looked after emotionally, physically and spiritually if you visit Trelowarren Retreat.  If you want to experience freedom from areas in your life which may be holding you back, or just want time away to seek God and recharge your spiritual batteries then Trelowarren Retreat is the place for you!

Trelowarren Christian Retreat | Staircase



Trelowarren Christian Retreat Dining Room


Trelowarren Christian Retreat Library



Trelowarren Christian Retreat Dining Room



Trelowarren Christian Retreat Rooms