Retreating to move forward

Retreating to move forward

Have you ever thought that life is like a game of chess?

Sometimes we need to take a few moves backwards or sideways to make a huge leap forwards

Recently, we have been challenged by the word “retreat”. For some it would seem the word means going backwards. However, for us, the word means pampering, luxury, a safe place, a secluded place, rest, relaxation, prayer and meditation, and finally change

Personally, before being here, I don’t think coming on a retreat would have appealed very much. My idea of retreats was quite the opposite of anything luxurious and with my ‘down time’ being very precious, I certainly wanted to maximize it. So the all-inclusive, somewhere hot appealed very much. The trouble is, you need at least two weeks to maximize that option and doing so several times a year was certainly out of the question. This posed a problem, what did I do with the rest of my time? Actually I did nothing; I just carried on working and got more and more stressed and out of kilter…so I wished I had known about here.

A few hours down the M5/A30 (depending on where you live) and you can step into, seemingly, another world, and right now it’s actually very hot! Leading busy lives, as we do, we all need a safe place to run to, to rest, refresh and get back on programme, so to speak. Life, with all its demands, can so easily take us out of kilter and away from God. When that happens, rather than being in the rhythm of life, we are suddenly off beat and we find that nothing goes well for us or the people around us! That’s when we need to step out of the vicious circle we all too frequently find ourselves in, take authority over our circumstances and begin to live again, rather than just exist.

This is where stepping back to go forward comes into its own, and Trelowarren Retreat is just the place to do it.

We take your needs seriously and we take luxury seriously too. So come and rest, enjoy our super king-sized beds, refresh by experiencing the serenity and calming ambience of the chapel. Experience the freshness of the sea breeze and the pure air of the Lizard Peninsula. Taste and enjoy good food, edifying conversation laced with both vibrant and contemplative worship. In short, come and have a complete spiritual and physical work over, because you deserve it!