Volunteering at Trelowarren Retreat

“Volunteering at Trelowarren Retreat has been a valuable experience for me. It seemed to be a coincidence how I came across their advertisement, but with God there are no coincidences. The five months I volunteered at the retreat centre turned out to be an enriching time for me in many respects. While helping out with the daily activities and making the retreaters feel at home, I also had time for myself in order to deepen my walk with God. The Mansion is beautiful and I love the quietude and peace that surrounds this place. The working relationship was mutual, where I received help from the retreat centre as much as they received mine. I felt I was being listened to and included within the team. And let us not forget the food that is being served! High quality, delicious meals, not to mention the potentially award-winning fruitcake!

If you are seeking to volunteer at a retreat centre I can highly recommend Trelowarren Retreat as the place to be.”


Michiel Van Ballegooijen


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